Assistant Professional Researcher

Posted July 2019

Position Description

The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) and the BicyclingPlus Research Collaborative seek to hire a researcher to study the policy outcomes and travel behavior impacts of bicycling and other traditional and emerging forms of micromobility. The researcher will develop an effective research program encompassing the adoption, use patterns, and impacts of micromobility modes as well as policies and professional practices related to these alternatives. The research program should consider the role of micromobility modes in the larger transportation system.

The researcher should have both qualitative and quantitative research experience, including but not limited to the development of surveys, experience with interviews, experience with experimental design, and experience managing and analyzing complex and large data. The applicant should also have experience in disseminating research results to policymakers using policy briefs, webinars, and one on one engagement. The researcher will possess knowledge of the theories used to understand both the individual behavior and the policy making processes and be capable of leading a team of students and researchers. The researcher will engage in the following activities; develop research protocols and write grant proposals, advise graduate and undergraduate students, conduct independent and collaborative research projects, analyze data and synthesize literature, publish in academic journals, and present at academic and professional conferences.

The researcher will be expected to participate in professional societies or other educational/research organizations, editorial boards, etc.; to invited presentations, review articles; review of grants and manuscripts.