New Recruitment: Director of the European Research Center on Transportation and Climate Policy

Under general direction of the Director for the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis), the Director of the European Research Center provides vision and intellectual leadership for research and outreach activities for the center. Responsible for leading all research activities including defining research directions. Independently manage and provide technical and academic direction to support administrative and academic staff. Works closely with faculty, staff and extramurally funded programs housed within ITS-Davis to enhance the visibility and impact of the Institute, including developing partnerships with a broad range of constituents in education, local state national, and international agencies and legislative bodies. Respond to emerging initiatives and optimize ITS resources in responding to research and operational needs. Provide ongoing organizational and programmatic review to continually identify opportunities for improving funding to support new center. Develop and participate in opportunities for writing contract and grant proposals in collaboration with faculty and staff in ITS.

The new hire will be expected to lead the development of the European Research Center including: Develop the strategic plan, fundraise to cover costs of the center (with initial funding from the main ITS-Davis organization); maintain oversight of the Center’s budget, hire and manage staff, set programmatic agendas and priorities, ensure programmatic compliance relative to both schedules and budgets, and execute the program. Related responsibilities will include fostering alliances between funding partners and the research program that serve the research center’s business development goals, develop a research portfolio that addresses a board variety of government, industry, and NGO needs, including leading and participating in outreach activities to educate partners on technologies and research; oversee implementation of short-and long-term staffing plans that support the mission and activities of the Center; create and deliver high quality, research programs and funding model to support the center’s operational activities via independent and collaborative research initiatives.

In addition, the new hire will be expected to lead and conduct recruitment efforts to support research which will result in scholarly publications, research reports and presentations. Oversee and support faculty, staff and students and provide operational resources and direction, while ensuring compliance with University policies and procedures. Ensure that projects and activities align with the mission of the Center and ITS in order to ensure sustainability, growth, cohesiveness and collaboration.

Applications to this position can be received by December 31, 2021, via the link:, Job number 27875.

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