Python Programmer for Model-building project

We are looking for a post-doc or academic researcher with extensive experience in software development and programming in Python, to work on a project building a model to estimate the benefits of air quality and climate policies in California. Familiarity with modeling emissions, air-quality, and health impacts is helpful.

There are three main programming tasks:

1) Processing large databases on emissions and air-quality into a 4km x 4km grid for the state of California. This includes data processing into desired formats, data entry, quality control check, and more. This requires extensive experience with very large, complex data sets. We will provide the data, or access to the data, and the methods.

2) Programming the economic and scientific functions for air dispersion models, atmospheric chemistry, health-impact (dose-respone) functions, and so on. This requires writing iterative loops, calling data, and quality control, as well as writing the actual functions. We will provide the complete methods — i.e., formulas — in a Word document.

3) Developing a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) for managing inputs and outputs for the modeling system. We have started on a rudimentary sample. We will provide user requirements, desired inputs and outputs, graphical requirements, etc. This requires near expert-level experience with GUIs.

The programmer will work under close supervision of Dr. Delucchi. We have funding for 6-12 months of work, depending on experience and salary, beginning in Spring 2022.


Mark Delucchi
Research Scientist
Energy Systems, Economics, and Environmental Assessment
UC Davis and UC Berkeley

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