Transportation and Energy Policy in a Volatile World

August 18-21, 2015

Organized under the auspices of the
Energy and Alternative Fuels Committes and the Climate Change Task Force of the
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Hosted by the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies

The Asilomar Conference has become the leading international conference on transportation and energy. This invitation-only even attracts 200 experts and leaders from government, environmental NGOs, industry and academia to explore strategies and government approaches to address energy and environmental challenges—especially critical at a time of major shifts in energy supply and price. This year’s conference focused on near- and medium-term policy and market strategies, and supporting innovation to reach climate, economic and mobility goals for transportation.

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Summary of Asilomar 2015

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Wednesday – August 19, 2015

Session I

  • Welcome and Motivation
    Daniel Sperling, UC Davis
  • Keynote: Setting the Stage—from Volatility to Sustainability
    Robin Chase, Author
    Mary Nichols, California Air Resources Board

Session II – Toward Energy Efficient, Low-Carbon Trucks and Goods Movement

Part A: Improving the Energy Efficiency of Trucks

  • Moderator:
    Don Anair, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Speakers:
    Drew Kodjak, International Council on Clean Transportation
    Download Presentation
    Karl Simon, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Discussant:
    Sean Waters, Daimler Trucks North America
    Download Presentation

Part B: Toward Clean, Efficient, Low-Carbon Urban Freight

  • Moderator:
    Anthony Eggert, ClimateWorks Foundation
  • Speakers:
    Miguel Jaller, UC Davis
    Lew Fulton, UC Davis
    Download Presentation
    Cynthia Marvin, California Air Resources Board
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  • Discussants:
    Mitch Jackson, FedEx
    Joe Lyou, Coalition for Clean Air and South Coast Air Quality Management District

Thursday – August 20, 2015

Session III – Personal Transportation: What Does the Future Hold?

Part A

Part B

  • Moderator:
    Robert Noland, Rutgers University
  • Speakers:
    Emily Castor, Lyft
    Download Presentation
    Megan Ryerson, University of Pennsylvania
    Download Presentation
  • Discussant:
    Lisa Aultmann-Hall, University of Vermont

Session IV – Part A: Toward Energy Efficient, Low-Carbon Cars and Light Trucks—to 2025

Session IV – Part B: Light-Duty Vehicles Beyond 2025

  • Moderator:
    Tom Turrentine, UC Davis
  • Speaker:
    David Greene, University of Tennessee
    Download Presentation
  • Discussants:
    Alberto Ayala, California Air Resources Board
    Matthew Tipper, Shell Oil Co.
    Download Presentation
    Craig Scott, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Session V – Big Data

  • Moderator:
    Amy Myers Jaffe, UC Davis
  • Speakers:
    David Bartlett, GE Aviation
    Glenn Schmidt, BMW Group
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Friday – August 21, 2015

Session VI – Leveraging Markets, Innovation, and Regulatory and Pricing Policies

Asilomar 2015 Steering Committee

  • Dan Sperling (Chair), University of California, Davis
  • Lisa Aultman-Hall, University of Vermont
  • Julie Becker, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
  • Hocine Bendafi, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Marlon Boarnet, University of Southern California
  • William Craven, Mercedes Benz USA
  • Anthony Eggert, ClimateWorks Foundation
  • Niel Golightly, Shell Oil Company
  • David Greene, University of Tennessee
  • Roland Hwang, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Amy Myers Jaffe, University of California, Davis
  • Wendy James, Better World Group
  • Robert Larson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Tim Lipman, UC Berkeley; TRB Chair of Alternative Fuel Committee
  • Robert Noland, Rutgers University; TRB Chair of Climate Change Task Force
  • Jonathan Rubin, University of Maine
  • John Viera, Ford Motor Company
  • John Wall, Cummins Inc.
  • Michael Q. Wang, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Jacob Ward, U.S. Department of Energy


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