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EPA Said to Seek End of California’s Authority Over Car Rule
The State of California has no plans to change the Obama tailpipe emissions standards for 2025, even if Trump rolls them back elsewhere in the country, said Dan Sperling, a member of the California Air Resources Board. “California has affirmed its commitment to the 2025 standards, and many other states are aligned with us,’’ said Sperling, a transportation professor at the University of California at Davis.
Volkswagen’s Penance Will Expand Nation’s Fast-Charging Network
EV drivers are more likely than gasoline-fueled customers to spend in the store. A 2017 study by Michael Nicholas of the International Council on Clean Transportation and Gil Tal of the University of California Davis supports that theory. Tal said EV owners will be bigger spenders than gas-pumping drivers for two reasons. “They are waiting a little longer and because of the price of most pure EVs, they are higher income people.”