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Covid-19 Pandemic Likely Improved Your Commute to Work

January 14, 2021

Working from home is likely here to stay, and fewer cars on the road during rush hour means less traffic

The Wall Street Journal

The pandemic has upended Bay Area transportation. What does the future hold?

January 14, 2021

Here’s a look back at an unprecedented year for transportation — and what the future might hold.

SF Chronicle

Are We Ready for the Zero-Emission Future?

January 14, 2021

Global commitments have been made to phase out internal combustion, but tough regulations and international buy-in are needed.


What Is the Environmental Cost of Fast Shipping?

January 14, 2021

Each year, the share of e-commerce sales grows by double digits. All of that online consumption can play a huge role in our environmental footprint.

UC Davis Magazine

How Same-Day Shipping Is Clogging U.S. Roads

December 17, 2020

Almost all the climate and congestion benefits of online shopping are wiped out by rush deliveries, a study finds — which could spell disaster for U.S. roadways this holiday season.

Streetsblog USA

Op-Ed: Pros and Cons of the California Public Utility Commission Decision to Deploy Automated Vehicles

December 17, 2020

California now joins Arizona and Illinois, as well as a number of other states and cities, in providing a green light for companies to operate AVs as taxis, or as ride-hailing vehicles summoned by smartphone apps.

Streetsblog Cal

High-Speed Delivery Linked to Increased Congestion and Pollution

December 17, 2020

It’s not only mom and pop shops that suffer from over-reliance on online shopping: streets and the environment also suffer the consequences.


The auto industry’s U-turn

December 17, 2020

New lines are being drawn in the fight over car pollution standards. And we have what you missed at the weekend’s global climate summit.


‘Game changer.’ How COVID-19 will change our commutes around the Sacramento region

November 17, 2020

So what happens to the famous California commuter lifestyle when a vaccine arrives? Have we been weaned off it? Or are we all going to find ourselves back in our cars on clogged freeways, headed back to our offices?

Sacramento Bee

Crossovers Conquer America As Top SUV Sales Triple In A Decade

November 6, 2020

Led by the crossover, SUVs have been outselling passenger cars for a few years now.


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