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Will Tax Credits and Infrastructure Speed Adoption of Electric Vehicles?

August 4, 2022

Because of the recent “Inflation Reduction Act”, there has never been a better time to invest in an EV and there should be no hesitation because of distance limitations because of the median 234 mile range, says Gil Tal.


Automakers look to the South to build electric vehicle batteries

July 17, 2022

Because of strong tax incentives and attractive investment packages, Southern states are “fighting hard” according to Gil Tal, to become major space for EV manufacturing.

ABC News

Pilot Programs Aim to Address Gaps in Transportation Access

July 12, 2022

Eli Alston-Stepnitz, Angela Sanguinetti and Mollie D’Agostino discuss reliable and affordable transportation pilot programs launched in Oakland, Bakersfield, and Pittsburgh PA, testing the concept of Universal Basic Mobility.

Streetsblog Cal

Ride-sharing and e-scooters are growing twice as fast as mass transit

July 1, 2022

Research shows early indications that the SmaRT Ride microtransit program can be successful in meeting rural and suburban transportation needs, particularly for low-income travelers.

ITS-Davis Transportation and Climate Blog

Ride-sharing and e-scooters are growing twice as fast as mass transit

June 27, 2022

A study from ITS-Davis and Oliver Wyman reveals a growing market trend for alternative mobility services such as e-scooters and ride-sharing through 2030.


Reforming Transportation Through Electrification, Ride Sharing and Automation, Part 1

June 18, 2022

Dan Sperling discussus the three revolutions, electrification, ride-sharing, and automation, which he says will reform the current transportation system we have.

Transport Energy Strategies

Grappling with History – Improved Awareness of Structural Inequality and Health Outcomes in the Transportation Sector

April 18, 2022

Katherine Turner writes an essay on the need to integrate metrics of sustainability and equity into all transportation planning.

Eno Center for Transportation

California Continues Its Push To End Gas-Powered Car Sales By 2035–We Discuss The Latest

April 14, 2022

Gil Tal talks about the ban on gas powered vehicles in California by 2035 and how to make that happen.

Air Talk

Is an electric Hummer actually helpful to the climate?

April 14, 2022

While smaller EVs are the better option, Alissa Kendal says that EV hummers help push the electrification of cars in general, which is more important than anything else.


Gas prices are ‘a blip’ on the road to everyone having an electric car, expert says

April 8, 2022

Dan Sperling discusses the complex system of gas prices and how EVs continue to be a worthwhile investment.

The Mercury News

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