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  • Graduate Study List for New Students
    Required of NEW STUDENTS ONLY, this is a form asking for the list of classes being taken the first quarter. The student should complete it, have their major professor sign it, and turn in to the TTP Graduate Program Coordinator within the first two weeks of classes. The purpose is to ensure that communication between you and a faculty member takes place very soon after you start here.  Although there is often a natural major professor based on your research interests and/or funding source (i.e., a Graduate Student Research position funded by a faculty member), in cases where students come on their own funds, they can often flounder for lack of a strong connection to faculty.  There is nothing binding about the major professor selected at this early time; the major professor can change as your interests, and other opportunities, evolve.
  • Petition for Change of Graduate Major, Degree Objective, or for Double Graduate Major

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