Computer Resource Fund

At this time, funds from the Friends of ITS-Davis fund support the computing needs of ITS-Davis students.


  1. Requests for hardware or software THAT WILL BENEFIT MULTIPLE STUDENTS can be submitted at any time, and will be processed as they come in.  Once the allocation for a given calendar year has been exhausted, no more applications can be accommodated till the following year.  Requested items cannot be required for an already funded research project (i.e. it is assumed that funded research projects will underwrite their own needs), and priority will be given to items that will be made generally available to all (or large numbers of) students.
  2. Requests for hardware or software THAT WILL BENEFIT INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS will be entertained in the final quarter of the calendar year (i.e. October – December), provided there is a balance remaining in the account at that point.  To prevent large numbers of small requests, we have initially decided that individual requests should lie between $100 and $300 for the Friends fund share (we assume that smaller amounts can be handled by the individual student).* If a bundle of multiple items is requested, they must clearly belong together as a functional unit, not be a laundry list of unrelated items.  No more than one personal request can be made by a given student in a given year.  Preference will be given to items that are unique or difficult to access otherwise (i.e. software or hardware that is not available in campus labs or from a colleague).
  3. Annually funds will be allocated for the ITS-Davis computer lab and other ITS-hosted student computers, for things such as annual licenses for virus-checking and statistical analysis software (the total costs for these purposes exceeds $500, and the difference will be contributed from ITS’s general budget).
  4. Some decisions to allocate some of these funds to other visible needs that support student computing may be made unilaterally by the ITS-Davis Associate Director for Education.


  1. Send an e-mail to the TTP Graduate Program Coordinator (currently Annemarie Schaaf,, with the subject line “FCRF request” (plus whatever distinctive info you want to add), and including the following contents:
    2. Item(s) requested, itemized, showing (1) full cost and (2) requested Friends share for each item.
    3. How the request will benefit research and/or education, and any other justification, including statements with respect to its uniqueness or lack of availability through other avenues, confirmation that it is not required for an existing funded research project, and so on.
    4. For collective requests:  where the item will physically reside, how its beneficiaries will be notified, and how it can be accessed by any appropriate person.  Unless the merits are obvious, you might also want to include endorsements by multiple students that they would appropriately use and benefit from the item(s).
  2. If the request is approved, the Assoc. Dir. will forward the message to the ITS-Davis office staff with a cover endorsement. YOU WILL NEED TO SEE THE OFFICE STAFF IN ADVANCE OF THE PURCHASE, AND FOLLOW THEIR DIRECTIONS FOR COST REIMBURSEMENT.

* The total cost of the requested item must be requested. We are unable to provide partial reimbursement for an item.

Updated: December 2015

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