Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Group Leadership & Support

Susan L. Handy, Ph.D.

  • Director, National Center for Sustainable Transportation
  • Co-Director, BicyclingPlus Research Collaborative
  • Associate Director for Education, ITS-Davis
  • Chair, TTP Graduate Group
  • Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
  • Relationships between transportation and land use
  • The impact of land use on travel behavior
  • Factors influencing bicycling as a mode of travel
  • Strategies for reducing automobile dependence
Graduate Group TTP

Gil Tal, Ph.D.

  • Director, STEPS+
  • Director, EV Research Center
  • Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
  • Travel behavior, alternative fuel vehicles, travel demand modeling, transportation planning, environmental policy
  • Non-motorized transportation
  • Creation and use of data in transportation planning process
Graduate Group TTP

JoAnna Lewis

  • TTP Graduate Program Coordinator
Graduate Group TTP

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