Young Researcher Honored by Industrial Ecologists

Alissa Kendall, associate professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UC Davis, has received the 2013 Laudise Young Researcher Prize from the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE). The Laudise Prize is awarded biannually and recognizes outstanding achievements in industrial ecology by researchers under the age of 36.

Kendall received the prize for her work on life cycle assessments of biofuel production pathways, agricultural systems, vehicles, and transportation infrastructure. The prize additionally commends Kendall for her ongoing research on carbon accounting practices and the role of LCA in policy.

In addition to the research areas described, curriculum development was also an important reason for the award. Kendall says her “ability to develop courses in Industrial Ecology is due to UC Davis’s openness to evolving fields and interdisciplinary teaching and learning.”

The International Society for Industrial Ecology is an interdisciplinary forum of natural and social scientists, engineers, policymakers and practitioners that promotes the use of industrial ecology in research, education, industrial practices, policy, and community development in order to transform society and achieve a more sustainable economy.

For more on the ISIE award, visit here.

Photo: Alissa Kendall receives the ISIE prize at an awards ceremony in Ulsan, Korea on June 28, 2013. (Elias Marvinney – UC Davis)