Environmental Justice Fellowship

The effects of increased global temperatures are being experienced by marginalized communities first and worst. To confront this challenge, municipalities around the globe are adopting policies shifting transportation and energy systems towards decarbonization. While these are critical pieces to combat climate change, implementation of these policies can reproduce past practices and exacerbate existing inequalities for environmental justice (EJ) communities.

Historically, EJ communities have received little investment and been burdened with adverse social and environmental conditions. Today these issues have compounded to produce a transportation and energy system with many challenges for EJ communities.

The UC Davis Environmental Justice and Equity Fellowship Program engages a cohort of seasoned leaders within the Environmental Justice space and immerses them into the academic/research/policy space across our partner institutes, the Institute of Transportation Studies and Energy and Efficiency Institute. This program aims to provide leaders in the EJ space an opportunity to provide their valuable community expertise and integrate that knowledge into academic research and education.

Environmental Justice Fellows

The first cohort of EJ Fellows started earlier this year. Their areas of interest include: Electric vehicles (passenger and trucks), indoor air quality and retrofits, transit service, safe streets, truck routing in and near EJ communities, low-cost transportation, energy efficiency and access to new building technologies, construction of climate friendly affordable housing, and water security.

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EJ Fellowship - Applications Open

Environmental Justice Leaders Program

The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies invites community organizers, advocates, and practitioners from across the country to apply to take part in the second year of the UC Davis Environmental Justice Leaders in Residence Program (formally EJ Fellowship Program). In the first year the program worked closely with EJ leaders from California and across the state to develop, structure, and identify the needs of this program to best support those working directly with environmental justice communities.

EJ Leaders selected to this program can expect to

  • Allocated 5-10 hours per week on Fellowship activities related to this program
  • Participate in bi-weekly virtual call with the cohort and program facilitators
  • Visit the UC Davis campus for scheduled in-person events, (if possible: attend the 2022 Commencement Event on Thursday, October 13)
  • Receive an affiliate account to access UC Davis resources (Library, Articles, and Online Programs)
  • Receive a one-time stipend and travel expenses for participation in this program

EJ Leaders selected to the program will have an opportunity to

  • Develop a project that will advance their organization’s mission and advocacy work
  • Impact research that is informing climate change policies in California and abroad
  • Connect with researchers, faculty, and graduate student working in environmental justice topics
  • Engage with other community partners working in diverse geographies and with distinct EJ missions
  • Speak directly with policy stakeholders in agencies, local, and state government.

Direction to apply

  1. Access and complete the application using the link below
  2. The application will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete
  3. Submit a PDF of your resume via email. Use the subject line “EJL Application.” Send your email to 2022_20.tli37ju4mk4kfol8@u.box.com

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Gifts to the EJ Fellowship Program

Gifts to the EJ Fellowship Program supports a variety of activities which include:

  • Stipends for the participating EJ leaders and their home organizations. These leaders and their organizations need to be compensated for their time and this funding provides critical capacity building to these smaller nonprofits and advocacy organizations.
  • Workshops, conferences, and webinars on a wide range of topics
  • Support for engagement with faculty working on projects that relates to their topic of interest
  • Opportunities for UC Davis graduate students to help support specific community needs
  • Engagement in the policy-sphere, funding to attend briefs, hearings and other related events
  • Supporting the development of a convening platform for open dialogue on critical transportation issues

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