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Americans Are Finally Falling In Love With Hybrids — Good Sign For EVs Or Disaster?

August 25, 2021

Gil Tal doesn’t think hybrids are stealing sales from electric vehicles. The two technologies appeal to different types of car buyers, he says, “There’s some overlap, but it’s not the same.”


Sacramento wants 3,800 car charging stations by 2025. Here’s where they’re needed

August 25, 2021

Gov. Gavin Newsom last year set California on a path to eliminate the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, leading cities like Sacramento to draw up plans for tomorrow’s electric vehicle drivers.

The Sacramento Bee

The scary new climate report means fossil fuel use needs to start falling, fast

August 25, 2021

“What we really need is to get everyone’s attention, get everyone focused,” said Dan Sperling, a California air quality regulator who heads the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis. “This is urgent.”

Los Angeles Times

Study: Oil demand likely to grow despite pandemic

July 19, 2021

Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy and the University of California, Davis Institute of Transportation Studies studied four scenarios to understand how COVID-19 and other political, economic, social and technological drivers may impact transportation activity and global oil demand.

Tech Xplore

A Little More Remote Work Could Change Rush Hour a Lot

July 19, 2021

Peak commute time has long ruled our lives, our cities, our tax dollars. But it doesn’t have to.

NY Times

EV Charging Infrastructure Growth Isn’t About Replacing Gas Stations

July 19, 2021

Scott Hardman states, “Home charging is the most important; that’s where the highest number of charging [stations] will be needed…It’s the cheapest; it’s the most convenient.”

Inside EVs

Can Californians Charge Electric Cars During Summer Heat?

July 19, 2021

Gil Tal stated, “A flex alert is not a power outage, It’s a way to prevent outages. We don’t like that we are being told not to use electricity, but it’s a much better situation than sitting in the dark if the grid is collapsing.”


Driverless Car Accidents – Who’s at Fault?

July 19, 2021

According to forecaster Scott Hardman, as driving becomes more automated, people will drive more, based on his interviews with 35 Tesla BEV with Autopilot owners.

The National Law Review

Tesla Miles Traveled

July 19, 2021

Gil Tal and co-authors used data loggers to track miles driven by 358 California EV drivers. These study participants traveled 12,900 EV miles per year on average.

Energy Institute at HAAS

California Leads the Way as States Address Need for EV Charging Stations

July 19, 2021

A recent UC Davis report states that, “Policymakers need to develop pricing schemes that will prevent an unnecessary shift of charging behavior from home to non-home locations and allow optimal use of the public infrastructure.”


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