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EPA to expand Calif. clean car authority — and the nation’s

February 17, 2022

“The effectiveness of America’s transportation decarbonization policies and strategies is fully grounded in California’s leadership,” said Dan Sperling, a member of the California Air Resources Board.

E&E News

100% EVs isn’t enough to meet carbon goals — report

February 16, 2022

ITS-Davis contributed to a new study which argues that electrifying vehicles isn’t by itself enough to make transportation low-carbon by midcentury. But combined with a rethinking of how cities are designed, it could.

E&E News

Biden administration is finalizing a waiver for California to set its own vehicle emissions standards

February 16, 2022

California Air Resources Board member Daniel Sperling told CNN that the state won’t use its waiver to implement stronger standards for cars and light trucks and will instead use the Biden EPA’s recently adopted standards.


The Psychology of Placing EV Chargers Along Roads Less Traveled

February 14, 2022

Gil Tal explains that range anxiety still freaks out prospective buyers, so people want to know there will be chargers on every possible route, even if “they’re usually not stopping.”


As electric pickup trucks come to market — slowly — lots of interest and long waits

February 9, 2022

PH&EV Director Gil Tal comments that gearing up to manufacture EV trucks takes time and a whole lot of investment.


The New USPS Trucks Would Probably Be Illegal If They Weighed One Pound Less

February 8, 2022

Dan Sperling notes that classifying the new USPS trucks as heavy-duty is a critical distinction, because the new USPS trucks would “definitely not” pass emissions tests as light duty trucks.


Sales of electric vehicles doubled in 2021

February 3, 2022

Until now, it’s primarily been government policy driving the increase in EV production and sales, according to Alan Jenn, a researcher at the University of California Davis. “But nowadays people are seeing the value in this technology, and it’s getting hard for automakers to keep up with the demand.”


Driverless cars won’t be good for the environment if they lead to more auto use

January 28, 2022

Giovanni Circella and Scott Hardman discuss how self-driving cars could lead to increased traffic and pollution if they spur more car travel.

The Conversation

Title: The race for more electric cars catches speed, but infrastructure challenges remain

November 18, 2021

Dan Sperling talks about how EVs can take over a bigger share of the marketplace.

WFAE 90.7

The Surprisingly Long History of Electric Cars

November 18, 2021

Can electric cars reclaim their place on the road? Daniel Sperling and Gil Tal investigate.


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