California wins by collaborating with China on electric vehicle market

By: Yunshi Wang, Daniel Sperling, and Alberto Ayala. China’s market for electric vehicles took off last year; sales grew fourfold from 19,713 in 2013 to 84,900 in 2014. China may leapfrog the U.S. this year to become the world’s largest plug-in electric vehicle market – largely due to a mix of new and strengthened policies. All of this is great for California. What happens in China is important to our state. For plug-in electric vehicles to succeed in California, they also need to succeed elsewhere – and China heads the list. What can California do to accelerate the PEV market in China? A lot. Chinese leaders have indicated a strong interest in learning from and working with California. UC Davis and the Chinese government’s Automotive Technology and Research Center have formed the China-U.S. Zero Emission Vehicle Policy Lab, in partnership with the California Air Resources Board and China’s National Development and Reform Commission.

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