Kitamura Paper Award

The Transportation Research Board of the U.S. National Academies has established an award in honor of Ryuichi Kitamura and his contributions in the areas of activity-based analysis, travel demand modeling, time-use research, dynamic analysis of travel behavior, travel survey methods, and transportation policy studies. The award is given at the annual TRB meeting for the year’s best student paper in one of these areas. Details on the award and eligibility are available here.

A cash prize supported by contributions to the Ryuichi Kitamura Fund is given to the student winners of the TRB Ryuichi Kitamura Paper Award following presentation of the paper to a UC Davis audience.

Kitamura Award Winner: 2018

Susan Handy and Annesha Enam

Kitamura Award Winner: 2017

Susan Handy and Sebastian Astroza

2017 Award Winner

Sebastian Astroza
University of Texas at Austin

Paper: Transportation Planning to Accommodate Needs of Wind Energy Projects

2016 Kitamura Award Winner: Zhibin Chen

Zhibin Chen and Dan Sperling

2016 Award Winner

Zhibin Chen
University of Florida

Paper: Analysis of Advanced Management of Curbside Parking

2015 Kitamura Award Winner: Rodney Brown

Susan Handy and Rodney Brown

2012 Kitamura Award Winner: Matthias N. Sweet and Rachel Weinberger

Pat Mokhtarian and Matthias Sweet

2012 Award Winner

Matthias N. Sweet and Rachel Weinberger
University of Pennsylvania

Paper: Integrating Walkability into Planning Practice

2011 Kitamura Award Winner: Joshua Auld and Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian

Pat Mokhtarian, Joshua A. Auld, and Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian

2011 Award Winner

Joshua A. Auld and Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian
University of Illinois at Chicago

Paper: Planning Constrained Destination Choice in the ADAPTS Activity-Based Model

2010 Kitamura Award Winner: David Gaker, Yanding Zheng, and Joan Walker

David Gaker and Joan Walker

2010 Award Winner

David Gaker, Yanding Zheng, and Joan Walker
University of California, Berkeley

Paper: Experimental Economics in Transportation: A Focus on Social Influences and the Provision of Information

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