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These sites have more information about telecommunications and travel behavior.

Listservs & Blogs

CITASA:  Listserv for the Communication and Information Technologies section of the American Sociological Association. To subscribe, go to

The Future of Cities:  Excellent blog site maintained by Anthony Townsend, relating to the role of ICT in urban life.  To subscribe, go to

The TELEWORK Listserv of the National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse of the National Center for Transit Research: Located at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida. To subscribe, go to


ICT:  Mobilizing Persons, Places and Spaces
An international thematic network on Information & Communication Technologies, Everyday Life and Urban Change

Beyond Telecommuting.
An on-line report dealing with the effect of telecommunications on travel.

CITASA:  The Communication & Information Technologies Section of the American Sociological Association
“Sociologists at the intersection of computing, communications and society.”

European Telework Online
Provides a list of telework events, FAQs, and research programs.

The Future of Cities
“News, research and dialogue exploring global urbanization in the 21st century.”

Gil Gordon Associates
A “one-stop info-hauz” on telecommuting, teleworking and alternative officing.

Information & Communication Technologies EU-funded Work Programme
Information about ICT work funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7).

Jala International
A research and planning firm that gives information about establishing telecommuting programs.

A Research Project supported by European Commission to support telework initiatives within the European Union.

The Telework Association
“Europe’s largest organisation dedicated to the promotion of all forms of teleworking.”

Telework Australia
“Maximising the benefits of flexible work location”.

The Telework Coalition
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the economic, social and environmental benefits of telecommuting.

Telework Consulting Services
This page is a public service of Fleming LTD, purveyors of custom telework planning and implementation programs for government and business. The site also has teleworking resources and commentaries.

Telework Exchange
“A public-private partnership focused on eliminating telework gridlock.”

Telework – the Future of Work?
This site contains several articles and abstracts on the topic of telework.

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