Feb 26, 2021


Examining the Intersection of Transportation, E-Mobility and Diverse Communities


1:40pm - 3:00pm


Remote instruction


EVNoire, the creators of the National E-Mobility Equity Conference, will present a high-level presentation examining the intersection of Transportation, E-Mobility and diverse communities. We will begin with a historical perspective of the barriers in place for diverse communities, as well as the nuances of mobility & transportation from a diverse vantage point. We will also hear about the role transportation has played in exacerbating chronic diseases and respiratory issues in children and adults from Black & LatinX communities.

EVNoire has compiled extensive data on attitudes, knowledge, and beliefs of diverse consumers with Electric Vehicles (EVs). During this discussion, we will explore opportunities and strategies to engage with diverse consumers in marketing and accelerating awareness of EVs. Participants will learn why their work is important to the future of mobility particularly as it relates to diverse and Frontline communities. In addition, as we imagine a transportation future focused on shared, autonomous and electrified mobility, it is even more important to ensure that we move towards one that benefits all communities.

EVNoire will also provide insight on EVHybridNoire (501c3) the nation’s largest network of diverse EV drivers and enthusiasts with members and chapters throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Francis, a former Medical School Faculty member, is a public health executive, entrepreneur and transportation disruptor. Dr. Francis is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EVNoire Mobility Intelligence Consulting Group (EVNoire). EVNoire’s work focuses on two pillars: E-Mobility Best Practices and Equity Best Practices. The EVNoire Team specializes in providing business solutions to enhance electrification strategies for Utilities, Non-Profits, Municipalities, Government Agencies, Public Health Organizations, and Regional and National organizations to expand this market share. EVNoire also engages communities on workforce development opportunities in the alternative fuel/electric vehicle economy.

Creators of the National E-Mobility Equity Conference, the EVNoire Team provides opportunities to engage with multi-modal, clean transportation through education and outreach, expanding charging infrastructure, marketing/launches, workplace charging, workforce development and beneficial policies. Dr. Francis and Terry Travis’ vision led to the Co-Founding of the nation’s largest network of diverse EV drivers and enthusiasts, EVHybridNoire, a 501c3 Nonprofit. EVHybridNoire, is a national, award winning, multicultural organization focused on increasing EV adoption and awareness in diverse communities, particularly members of Frontline communities.

EVHybridNoire is a membership based organization with thousands of members and chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe and beyond. The EVHybridNoire Team is intentional about providing resources and access to under-resourced, diverse and frontline communities, around affordable, clean and sustainable energy vehicles and platforms. Dr. Francis is recognized as a national thought leader in Best Practices, E-Mobility and Public Health Disparities. Most recently the EVNoire Team has been working with the Biden-Harris transition team to ensure that best practice and equity are infused and integrated into E-Mobility, Transportation and Public Health policy, programs and practice. Dr. Francis also serves as a Board Director for the Electric Auto Association, a National 501c3 advocacy group.

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