January 25, 2013


Global Transport/Energy Futures: Can We Get Where We Need to Go?


1:40 p.m. – 3:00 p.m


Meeting a 2 degree climate target looks increasingly difficult. For transport, it will indeed be highly challenging both in developed and developing countries. This presentation walks through the steps to figure out where we need to go and assess our chances for getting there. It draws mainly on work that Dr. Fulton conducted at the IEA, but also raises questions relevant to future ITS-Davis research.

Biographical Sketch

Lewis Fulton has worked internationally in the field of transport/energy/environment analysis and policy development for over 20 years. He recently joined the University of California, Davis as the Co-director of the NextSTEPS research program in the Institute of Transport Studies (ITS-Davis). He previously spent 12 years with the International Energy Agency, Paris and 8 years with the US Dept of Energy. During 2006-2007 he worked in Kenya with the UN Environment Program. His IEA reports include Transport, Energy and CO2: Moving Toward Sustainability (2009), Saving Oil in a Hurry (2005), Biofuels for Transport: An International Perspective (2004), and Bus Systems for the Future (2002). He received his Ph.D. in Energy Management and Environmental Policy from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States in 1994.

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