January 8, 2016


TRB Preview


Poster Session: 1:40 - 2:30pm, Lectern Session: 2:35 - 2:55pm


1605 Tilia, Room 1103, West Village


Research Summary:
Although travel to school for elementary students has been widely studied, research into the profile of teenage travel to school is noticeably lacking. Considering that teenage travel may have important implications for the formation of habits that shape adult travel behavior, research on the determinants of teen travel to school is needed. Using data from a survey of students at three high schools in Northern California, we present new evidence showing mode choice to school is heavily dependent on the school context and influenced by student attitudes. We focus on attitudes about bicycling and find that high school mode choice is influenced by self-perceptions, perceptions of the bicycling environment, and perceptions of social norms about bicycling. Additionally, we show that there may be key attitudinal profiles that make students predisposed to bike instead of walk or drive.

List of Speakers:
Poster Session: 1:40 – 2:30pm

  • Yizheng Wu, “Strategy of Aermod Configuration for Transportation Conformity Hot-Spot Analyses”
  • Rosaria Berliner, “California’s Connected Millenials: Do They Travel More or Less?”
  • Xiaodong Qian, “Mean Texture Depth and Deflection Detection-Based Pavement Management”
  • Brianna Goodman, “Determining Option and Nonuse Benefit Valuation of Passenger Rail Based on User and Nonuser Attitudes: Case Study of Santa Cruz, California”
  • Wei Ji, “Can Commuters Combat the Duck Curve with Plug-in Electric Vehicles? Scenario Analysis of PHEVs and BEVs”
  • Dillon Fitch, “Modeling Bicycling to Elementary and Junior High School using Bike Rack Counts”
  • Autumn Bernstein, “Harnessing Dynamic Ridesharing to Improve Mobility in Low- Income Rural Communities”

Lectern Session: 2:35 – 2:55pm Dillon Fitch, “Mode Choice to High School: Evidence from Northern California”

Biographical Sketch

Dillon Fitch, M.S. Geography, San Diego State University, B.A. Political Science, UC Irvine

Dillon Fitch is a current PhD student in Transportation, Technology, and Policy. His past academic research has covered both physical and social sciences, and has five years of experience as a geographical information systems consultant. His current research interests are in bicyclist behavior and sustainable transportation planning.

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