May 27, 2016

The Rise of Electric Bikes in the US: An Analysis of their Roots, their Early Adopters, and Implications on Urban Transportation


1:40 pm - 3:00 pm


1605 Tilia, Room 1103, West Village


Jonathan Weinert, Sales and Marketing Manager, Robert Bosch LLC, Automotive Electronics, Bosch eBike Systems


Jonathan will present what electric bicycles (e-bikes) are, how the technology has evolved, how the US market is developing, and share results from a recent nation-wide survey. This survey reveals who uses e-bikes, how they use them, and how they differ from traditional cyclists. The results shed light on the impact e-bikes may have on urban transportation in the US.

Biographical Sketch

Jonathan has been working for Bosch since 2011 in the field of eMobility, and has been doing research on e-bikes since 2006. He is a published author on electric two-wheelers and has a PhD from University of California, Davis in Transportation Technology and Policy (Class of 2007).