May 31, 2019

Note: Because of technical difficulties, we were unable to broadcast today’s seminar live or recorded. Please accept our sincere apologies.


California Accomplishments in Addressing Climate Change and the Role of the State in the Coming Decade


1:40pm - 3:00pm


1605 Tilia, Room 1103, West Village


Last year California announced the 2016 greenhouse gas emissions inventory. We achieved our goal of reducing emissions to 1990 levels four years ahead of the 2020 target date. This talk will look at how that was achieved – what is working and what isn’t. As we plan for a further 40% reduction by 2030, how can that be achieved and what is the role of California in the global context of reducing worldwide emissions in the developing and developed countries?

Biographical Sketch

Bob Epstein is an entrepreneur and engineer with a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a cofounder of five companies: Sybase, New Resource Bank, GetActive Software, Colorado Microdisplay, and Britton-Lee. Bob is an elected Director of the Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District, a co-founder of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), serves on the advisory board of the Goldman School of Public Policy and on the Executive Committee of the Berkeley Food Institute. Bob led the E2 team that helped to pass California’s major global warming bills – the “Clean Cars Bill” and the “Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006”. Bob’s community activities are focused on the environment, public education, sustainable food systems and music. Bob is a classical pianist and performs four-hand and solo piano.

Bob holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science, specializing in distributed database systems (with a minor in music). His early career was focused on the commercialization of databases and networking. From 1976 – 1979 he was the manager of the INGRES project at the University of California at Berkeley. From 1979 – 1984 Bob was vice president of development and principal architect for Britton-Lee, a developer of database machines. In 1984 he was a leading architect and proponent for  client/server computing with the creation of Sybase and the development of SQL Server which eventually grew into a billion dollar business with the inclusion of middleware and development tools.

In 1996, he co-founded Colorado Microdisplay that produced industry-leading microdisplays for entertainment and mobile computing. In 2000, Bob co-founded GetActive Software and served as the Chairman of the Board. Convio purchased GetActive software creating the industry leader serving non-profits and other organizations. Bob was one of the organizers of New Resource Bank – a California chartered bank specializing in financial products for green businesses and consumers (now part of Amalgamated Bank).

In June of 2000, Bob co-founded Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) with Nicole Lederer. E2 is a national community of professionals and business people who believe in protecting the environment while building economic prosperity. E2 works to influence state and national environmental policy. In 2013, Bob was part of the team that created the Berkeley Food Institute at U.C. Berkeley.

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