October 23, 2009

Bicycling in the Netherlands and Europe, policies and practices. What can America learn from them?


Dr. Eva Heinen;Jason Moore, Visiting Scholar, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands;ITS-Davis Graduate Researcher and Fulbright Scholar


The Netherlands has one of the highest bicycle uses in the world. Other countries continue to wonder why this is so and how they can even come close to their standards. To learn from their practices, we will present an overview of bicycling planning, infrastructure, policy, and culture in Dutch and other European cities from both a American and Dutch perspective. Although an often expressed argument is that European models cannot be applied directly to the American system, we will conclude with possible practices that could be implemented in America.

Biographical Sketch

Eva Heinen is a visiting scholar at UCDavis from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Her PhD research aims at finding the determinants of daily bicycle commute mode choice. Her research focuses on the influence of personal attitudes and the (social) context on this mode choice. She uses her stay in Davis to make a comparison between the two countries.

Jason Moore Is a PhD student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. His thesis is on bicycle dynamics and control. He recently returned from a year of study in the Netherlands under the Fulbright program where he furthered his dissertation research and was exposed to bicycling in Europe.