October 28, 2011

Transit Oriented Development: A Part of the Green Solution


Ms. Meea Kang, President and Co-Founder, Domus Development, LLC


California faces unprecedented challenges in achieving sustainable environmental protection and improving the quality of life for the state’s nearly 40 million citizens. All of these issues are tied, in one way or another, to the state’s growth patterns and the state, regional and local government policies on land use, transportation, environmental protection, energy, water, and others – that influence those patterns. California’s landmark land use and greenhouse gas state laws SB 375 and AB 32 have been designed to encourage smart growth and transit. Yet significant barriers to infill development exist making it difficult for good projects to get done. Offering incentives for smart developments on a local level is a critical first step to facilitate the transition to a greener California. Domus has been successful in developing and building attractive, walkable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible infill communities in California, but not without serious challenges, expenses, and roadblocks. This presentation will outline several of Domus’innovative infill developments that promote transit, create affordable eco-friendly housing and exemplify how to break down barriers to help California reach land use goals set by SB 375. Participants will discover how to identify transit oriented development opportunities, understand the challenges and complexities that accompany infill development, and recognize the policy changes required to encourage smart growth on a larger scale.

Biographical Sketch

Meea Kang is President and Co-Founder of Domus Development, LLC. Her career has given rise to nearly 2,000 units of affordable and market rate housing in California. Since 2003, her company, Domus Development has produced socially- and environmentally-conscious ventures by revitalizing underutilized properties, improving infrastructure, involving communities in the planning process, creating public-private partnerships and assembling complex layered financing. Ms Kang is a leader in developing transit-oriented development with mixed income and affordable housing. Ms. Kang is also a founding member and President of the California Infill Builders Association Board of Directors, a not-for-profit organization advancing the goals of focusing development  inside cities and towns and controlling sprawl. Ms. Kang is leading the charge to make development policies more friendly to compact growth close to jobs and transit. In 2011 Ms. Kang was honored as a Northern California Real Estate Women of Influence and in 2010 was honored with the Sierra Business Council’s Visionary 2020 award. Kang earned a Masters of Architecture from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University.