October 7, 2011


Orientation to Transportation-Related Centers/Institutes at UC Davis


This week’s seminar provides students with an orientation to some of the many transportation- and energy-related activities at UC Davis. A representative from each center or program below will give a five-minute presentation.
•Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways (NextSTEPS) – Joan Ogden
•Sustainable Transportation Center (STC) – Susan Handy
•Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (PH&EV) Research Center – Dahlia Garas
•Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) – Ben Finkelor/Siva Gunda
•China Center for Energy and Transportation (C-CET) – Yunshi Wang
•Road Ecology Center – Fraser Shilling
•Information Center for the Environment (ICE) and Urban Land Use and Transportation Center (ULTRANS) – Mike McCoy/Caroline Rodier
•Western Cooling Efficiency Center – Mark Modera/Kristin Heinemeier

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