ITS-Davis Director is One of Top ‘Climate Changers’

Daniel Sperling, founding director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis, has been named one of fifteen Sacramento locals “involved in essential work on mitigating greenhouse-gas emissions” by Sacramento News & Review.

Dr. Sperling was described by Sacramento News & Review as “an international leader in the field of alternative transportation fuels” and as someone who “knows well that transportation is the source of a massive 40 percent of California’s contribution to climate change.” His research in the fields of alternative transportation and fuels, as well as his work on policies such as AB 32, which “created the country’s toughest low-carbon fuel standard for California,” have earned him a top spot on the list of Sacramento’s most influential climate changers.

While his outlook for climate change in the future may seem bleak, he speaks with an optimism that reveals his passion and confidence in his work: “Humans are very creative and resourceful. If humans get focused on a task, I have confidence that we’ll dramatically reduce carbon emissions,” says Sperling.

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