Big Ideas for the Future of Mobility

We asked some of today’s leading experts in transportation and energy: What are the biggest challenges in transportation? And what are the big ideas in transportation? Touching on challenges of climate urgency, oil dependence, equity, financing, and indifference, these thought leaders pointed to policy integration, new mobility, road pricing, community engagement, education and sales, open data, and innovative financing to help pave the way for a forward-thinking transportation future.

Special Thanks to:

  • Robbie Diamond – Securing America’s Future Energy
  • David Friedman – Consumer Reports
  • David Greene – University of Tennessee
  • Christopher Grundler – U.S. EPA
  • Holmes Hummel – Clean Energy Works
  • Andreas Klugescheid – BMW
  • Andres Ramirez – People for Mobility Justice
  • Seleta Reynolds – LA Department of Transportation
  • Susan Shaheen – Innovative Mobility Research, UC Berkeley
  • Matthew Tipper – Shell