Congratulations ITS-Davis 2020 Grads!

Congratulations to the UC Davis masters and doctoral graduates of 2020 who have dedicated their studies to creating a more sustainable transportation future!  ITS-Davis is thrilled to honor and congratulate our scholars across multiple disciplines during this unusual and challenging time. Aside from their rigorous coursework, the class of 2020 has persevered in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote learning changed how graduates researched and interacted with one another, but it couldn’t stop their impressive pursuit of success.

Katrina Sutton, graduating with an MS in ITS-Davis’ Transportation Technology and Policy program, said the following about her five years working with ITS:

“I enjoyed everything–the people, the transportation mentality, the biking, the cars. I have been at ITS for 5 years and am going to miss everyone. I love checking on the chargers and checking out the cars that are charging. I will miss bothering and distracting the office and walking to Trader Joe’s for late-night study snacks and boba with Vaish & Claire.”

She added: “After graduation, I look forward to seeing more electric vehicles on the road and being part of that drive.”

Ben (Bingzheng) Xu, also graduating with an MS in Transportation Technology and Policy, shared his post-graduation plan, and it may involve a new family car:

“After I graduate, I am trying to find a job of course. Apart from that, since my parents are talking about replacing an old vehicle, I am also trying to persuade them to buy an EV to help to support the market!”

Yanlong Liang, graduating with a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, said the following about his experience at ITS: “As a student, I loved working together with the professors and the staff, united in our efforts to develop a sustainable and intelligent transportation system. The memories of my time at ITS will always be a great treasure for me.”

Raphael Isaac, graduating with a PhD in Transportation Technology and Policy, spoke about the positive mentorship he received during his program: “I worked with, and was mentored by, experts in their field, and now look forward to using that training to continue to shape the world with my developing expertise in this area, which remains as important as ever.”

Alex Sheldon, graduating with an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, voiced his appreciation for “getting to brush shoulders with and learn from some of the top transportation experts. I will miss the seminars and how easy it was to keep up with the latest and greatest in transportation research.”

Sheldon also mentioned his future plans: “After graduation, I am looking forward to starting my career in the utility industry and taking on some new outdoor adventures in my free time.”

Though we’re unable to gather and celebrate in person, ITS-Davis graduates deserve a virtual high-five. We’re confident that each of these young professionals will contribute to the bright future of renewable and accessible transportation for all.

Here’s a full list of ITS-Davis graduates:

From the Transportation Technology and Policy graduate program, the 2020 class includes: M.S. Bingzheng (Ben) Xu, M.S. Jin Guo, M.S. Katrina Sutton, Ph.D. Raphael Isaac, and Ph.D. Jamey Volker.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering 2020 graduates are: M.S. Saurabh Maheshwari, M.S. Alex Sheldon, M.S. Baihao Wang, M.S. Yifu Wu, and Ph.D Yanlong Liang.