Fulton speaks at sustainable development conference at United Nations

ITS-Davis researcher Lew Fulton, co-director of the NextSTEPS research program, addressed sustainability experts and national delegates from around the globe at a recent conference hosted by the United Nations in New York.

Fulton was one of two panelists who presented during the General Assembly Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development on Jan. 7.

Fulton urged country delegates to consider the creation of a transportation sustainability goal as part of their 2015 development agenda. He stressed that transport is an enabler of most economic and social activities around the world, but suffers from environmental and other external costs that will mount to an estimated $50 Trillion through 2030 if not addressed.

“Transport is a very large sector that deserves to have a sustainable development goal,” said Fulton. “It is not only about people, but also moving goods, which of course is critical in development and critical for our well-being.”

For the full presentation, view here