ITS-Davis leaders to discuss hydrogen fuel cell technology in two-day conference

ITS-Davis director Dan Sperling, and UC Davis professor of Environmental Science and Policy Joan Ogden are both set to speak at this year’s California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit on Oct 9-10 in Sacramento, California.

Ogden will focus on pathways analysis and the economics of hydrogen infrastructure planning, while Sperling will wrap up the conference by discussing what the California hydrogen and fuel cell industry is expected to be like in 2020 as the Summit’s concluding speaker.

The two-day event will provide a balanced forum for businesses, academia, and government agencies to explore hydrogen and fuel cells, with a special focus on picturing the vision and promise of the technology contrasted by the advances already made, using hard data from industry developments in the real world. Presenters from around the country will share their vision of how this industry can address the nation’s environmental, energy and business goals and help revolutionize our country’s portfolio of energy solutions.

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