Sperling, Jaffe featured in Wall Street Journal ‘Experts’ discussion

Two UC Davis transportation and energy experts were among the first thought leaders invited into a new Wall Street Journal online discussion space. The Journal calls The Experts “an exclusive group of industry and thought leaders who will engage in in-depth online discussions of topics.”

On March 26, ITS-Davis director Daniel Sperling was one of the first three people interviewed on video by WSJ Reports editor Charlie Wells. The topic: Can renewables survive oil’s resurgence?

The 40-minute program was a lively discussion among Sperling, Kate Gordon, vice president and director of the Energy & Climate Program at Next Generation, and Todd Myers, environmental director at the Washington Policy Center.

On March 25-27, Amy Myers Jaffe, UC Davis executive director of energy and sustainability, was first to post written remarks at The Experts, with the headlines “An Oil Boom Means Washington—Not Riyadh—Could Become the World’s Swing Oil Producer,” “The ‘Oil Weapon’ Will Lose Potency” and “The Clean-Tech Path Needs a Revamp.”

 The video is not available online. Read some of Jaffe’s remarks: http://stream.wsj.com/story/experts-journal-reports/SS-2-135503/SS-2-196847/