Student ‘Surfs the Earth’ on Electric Golf Board Invention

Michael Radenbaugh, a current master’s-degree student in Transportation Technology and Policy at UC Davis, has successfully raised the required $100,000 production capital on a campaign for a new company he co-founded that introduced a novel form of golfer transportation called the “Golf Board”.

Radenbaugh and his team, which include company spokespersons like surfing legend Laird Hamilton and fitness icon Don Wildman, hope the Golf Board will “change the way you experience the game of golf” by bringing modern technology to a traditional game.

The Golf Board is essentially an electric-powered longboard that “allows golfers to surf the golf course in a way that feels similar to snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding,” according to the Golf Board site. Its removable handlebar allows it to be ridden by both inexperienced and experienced board riders. It has a golf bag holder, flexible board for smooth suspension, and remote control for smooth acceleration.

There is also little environmental impact from the Golf Board. The lithium batteries inside the board are similar to the batteries used in well-known electric vehicles such as the Tesla and can carry a 180-pound rider over 20 miles on a full charge, according to the Golf Board site.

Additionally, due to its light weight, the Golf Board has less of an impact on golf terrain than traditional golf carts.

Dan Sperling, director of the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies, said Radenbaugh’s invention “is an example of the innovativeness and entrepreneurship of our students.”

For more information about this project, including a video, visit the Golf Board page on Kickstarter.