UC Davis Transportation Graduate Program Spotlighted in New Video

The UC Davis Transportation Technology and Policy (TTP) graduate program is the subject of a new highly engaging video—featuring professors, students, and alumni telling the story of an academic program that provides a “front row seat” to California and the planet’s greatest challenges in mobility and transportation.

The video provides an inside look from students pursuing masters and doctoral degrees in sustainable transportation, as well as from the faculty and researchers who mentor and partner with them on their education. Also featured are first-hand accounts by TTP alumni who have gone on to successful transportation sector careers at the U.S. Department of Energy, BMW, and the California Air Resources Board.

TTP is an interdisciplinary graduate program combining transportation, energy, environmental policy, and economic curricula through a diverse selection of courses. TTP offers students a multifaceted skillset, one suited to train leaders ready to immediately make a positive impact on technology and policy in the real world.

TTP is hosted by the renowned UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis), a global leader for study and research on sustainable transportation. This year, ITS-Davis was selected by the U.S. Department of Transportation to lead the National Center for Sustainable Transportation, a six-university research, education, and outreach consortium.

In the video, ITS-Davis Director and Professor Dan Sperling describes why the TTP graduate programs is special:

“Number one, we have a very strong focus on interdisciplinary education and research. Number two, we really focus on engagement with the outside world.  Number 3, our offices here are in West Village, the largest net zero energy community in the country. What that mean is that we’re living the vision of sustainable transportation and sustainable energy.”

Click here to view the five-minute video, “The UC Davis Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Program:  What You Need to Know.”

The priority deadline for applying to the TTP graduate program is fast approaching—January 15—with the general deadline on April 1.

Click here for more info on applying to TTP.

For further information on the TTP graduate program, contact:

Annemarie Schaaf:

(530) 752-0247