Left to right: Julio Cesar Paniagua Fernandez, Prof John Harvey, Jose Fabian Paniagua Fernandez, Yuan He, Sydney Vergis, Prof Joan Ogden, Hang Zhou, Zheng Zhang Prof Dan Sperling, David Phong, Jeff Kessler, Prof Susan Handy, Kalaivani Ramea Kubendran, Julie Schiffman (Photo Credit: Emmanuel Franco)


The education program at ITS-Davis is designed to meet the world’s growing needs for qualified, thoughtful and dedicated engineers, policy makers, technicians and advocates. Its interdisciplinary approach transcends the boundaries of traditional engineering-based studies to include social and behavioral sciences, ecology, and management. In addition to coursework and research, students interact with researchers and leaders from industry, government, public interest groups, and academia through seminars, internships, and visiting lectures.