Effects of Bike Lending on Commuting to Work: The Google Case Study


Dillon Fitch, MTI Research Associate Co-Director BicyclingPlus Research Collaborative
Lucy Noble, TDM Program Manager Google
Terry Mac, Bike Program Manager Hallcon at Google


March 9, 2022 , 10:00am-11:00am


How are high tech employees returning to work? Maybe by bike.

Google employees borrowed high quality electric assisted and conventional bicycles for free, for up to six months. MTI researchers discuss their recent evaluation of this transportation demand management program in this webinar.

The lending program at Google represents one of the largest employer-sponsored bike and e-bike lending programs in North America with over1,000 bikes in its inventory. More individuals and agencies have shown interest in e-bike rebates and in the role of public policy in the shift from four wheels to two. This evaluation is a critical first step toward understanding the potential for bike lending as a strategy in North American suburban contexts. Discussion and Q&A will follow.

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