I5 Freight ZERO Project Results - Phase I


Miguel Jaller, Associate Professor & Co-Director, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Davis


February 22, 2022 , 10:00am-11:00am


This presentation discusses the results of the I5 Freight ZERO Pilot Project. The objective of the project was to evaluate qualitatively and quantitatively different zero emission and near zero emission vehicle technologies that could be implemented in the San Joaquin Valley along the I-5 and other corridors. The work reviewed existing guidelines and plans and analyzed freight patterns in the Valley to synthesize challenges and improvement opportunities, and identified a suite of technologies, strategies and initiatives that could help mitigate freight issues. The study also conducted a small-scale data collection effort, and the presentation will discuss empirical results and their impacts on the overall assessment of the strategies and technologies. Finally, the presentation will put forward recommendations about key strategies for further study and possible pilot testing and implementation.

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