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The problem that stumps Calif.’s top EV researchers
E&E News

California may be the nation’s whiz kid on electric vehicle policy, but its own top researchers think the state may be starting to push up against the limit of what it can do to boost sales.

Oil companies are thinking about a low-carbon future, but aren’t making big investments in it yet
The Conversation

The global oil industry stands at a crossroads. Corporate leaders are weighing how closely to stay wedded to their legacy business – finding, extracting and refining fossil energy – versus preparing for an uncertain low-carbon future.

EVs To The Rescue: Lessons From A California Blackout

When the lights went out in California last week, one resident used the power stored in his electric vehicle (EV) to keep his oxygen machine up and running. That story, repeated with variations around the state, called attention to a vision of the future where people use their electric cars and trucks to power homes and businesses.

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