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California says this climate program could hike gas prices 50 cents a gallon. Here’s how
The Sacramento Bee

Daniel Sperling, director of the Institute for Transportation Studies at UC Davis whose research significantly influenced the original LCFS, said the air board’s gas price calculations assumed credit prices would reach their highest peak right away, which is unlikely.

Who’s on first on offshore wind?

California’s unique ability to go faster than the feds on vehicle standards should insulate it (and the dozen other states that follow it) from the electoral winds that are swaying Biden’s calculus, said Dan Sperling, a former CARB board member and director of the University of Califoria, Davis’ Institute for Transportation Studies.

Does Widening Highways Ease Traffic Congestion?
UC Davis Magazine

“The U.S. is pretty car-oriented. I think there are a lot of people who would be happy to drive less if it was possible, but it’s just not possible for most of us,” said Susan Handy, professor of environmental science and policy at UC Davis, who offers new ideas for the well-documented problem in her recent book, Shifting Gears: Toward a New Way of Thinking about Transportation (The MIT Press, 2023).

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