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Tesla’s China plant will serve the world’s biggest electric car market
NPR’s Marketplace Tech Podcast/Blog
“[F]or those of us interested in electric vehicles, Tesla is hugely important. They are creating the benchmark for everyone else. They are motivating others to make the investments. And if Tesla falters that’s bad for all of the international car company’s investments in electric vehicles: GM, Ford, Mercedes, all of them.”—Dan Sperling, founding director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis
How ride-hailing could improve public transportation instead of undercutting it
The Conversation
“While ride-hailing threatens public transit, it is also key to its future success – but only with smart policies and the right price signals. As researchers working at the intersection of energy, the environment and public policy, we have been analyzing transportation trends for decades – and seeing remarkably little innovation. Now we are on the cusp of major transformations.”— UC Davis authors Daniel Sperling, Austin Brown, & Mollie D’Agostino