Tal, Gil

Gil Tal holds a Ph.D. in Transportation Technology and Policy from UC Davis, and an M.A. in geography and environmental policy and planning from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Between 2008 and 2010 Dr. Tal was a post-doctoral researcher with the Center for Global Metropolitan Studies and the UC Transportation Center at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Tal’s research focuses on electric vehicle policy, travel behavior, and EV supply chain dynamics. His expertise encompasses various segments of the electric vehicle market, including light duty, heavy duty, and transit sectors and studying the impact of incentives and infrastructure in the global electric vehicle market. Looking forward, Dr. Tal’s research delves into the electrification of emerging mobility services and the integration of electric vehicles and automated vehicles in developed economies and the global south, with a keen focus on their significant impacts on the electric grid.

Handy, Susan L.

Professor Susan Handy teaches in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at the University of California at Davis. She has courses in the Environmental Policy and Planning major and in the Transportation Technology and Policy Program. Her research focuses on the relationships between transportation and land use, particularly the impact of land use on travel behavior, and on strategies for reducing automobile dependence. Her recent work includes a series of studies on bicycling in Davis, a study of the effects of the opening of the first “big box” store in Davis, the development of a method for estimating vehicle trip generation for “smart growth” development projects in California, and an assessment of the available evidence on the effects of land use and transportation strategies on reducing vehicle travel and greenhouse gas emissions She serves on the Committee on Women’s Transportation Issues and the Committee on Transportation Education of the Transportation Research Board.