Mark Lubell, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy
  • Human behavior
  • Role of governance institutions in solving collective action problems and facilitating cooperation
Graduate Group TTP


Professor Mark Lubell studies cooperation problems and decision-making in environmental, agricultural, and public policy. Through application of social science theory and research methods, he endeavors to provide practical results and recommendations to real policy and decision-makers.

His field research topics include water management, sustainable agriculture, adaptive decision-making, climate change policy, local government policy, transportation behavior, plant disease management, invasive species, and policy/social network analysis. He has also studied cooperation using simulations and behavioral experiments. Following a natural science model of scientific inquiry, his long-term research agenda is to discover common principles of cooperation that can be observed and tested in all three modes of research: theory, experiment, and field.

2010 Excellence in Education Award ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission, Nominee

2006 Distinguished University of California, Davis Educator

2005 Excellence in Education Award ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission, Nominee

ECL 212A Environmental Policy Process (4)

Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: course in public policy (e.g., Environmental Studies 160) or environmental law (e.g., Environmental Studies 161); course in bureaucratic theory (e.g., Political Science 187 or Environmental Studies 166); course in statistics (e.g., Sociology 106 or Agricultural and Resource Economics 106). Introduction to selected topics in the policy process, applications to the field of environmental policy. Develops critical reading skills, understanding of frameworks of the policy process and political behavior, and an ability to apply multiple frameworks to the same phenomena. (Same course as Environmental Science and Policy 212A.)

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