Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Ph.D.

  • Professor Emerita, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Impact of telecommunications technology on travel behavior
  • Land use and transportation interactions
  • Attitudes toward travel
  • Congestion-response behavior
  • Travel time budgets
  • Transportation/air quality impacts of transportation demand management measures
Graduate Group TTP


Dr. Patricia Mokhtarian is Professor Emerita of Civil and Environmental Engineering, former Associate Director for Education of the Institute of Transportation Studies, and former Chair and Graduate Adviser of the interdisciplinary graduate program in Transportation Technology and Policy.  (She was a faculty member 1990-2013.) She is currently a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has specialized in the application of rigorous quantitative methods to the study of travel behavior for more than 30 years, authoring or co-authoring more than 160 refereed journal articles, technical reports, and other publications.  A key research interest has been the impact of telecommunications technology on travel behavior, with additional interests in land use and transportation interactions (especially the influence of the built environment on travel behavior, after accounting for self-selection), attitudes toward travel itself, congestion-response behavior, travel time budgets, induced demand, and the transportation/air quality impacts of transportation demand management measures.

She is the founding chair of both the International Telework Association and Council and the Committee on Telecommunications and Travel Behavior of the Transportation Research Board.  She is an emerita member of the latter committee, as well as of the TRB Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values.  She is North American co-editor of Transportation, and on the editorial boards of the Transportation Research Part ATransport Policy, andTransportation Letters journals.  She has served on several National Academy of Sciences and Transportation Research Board study committees, most recently the TRB Study Committee on the Relationships among Development Patterns, Vehicle-miles Traveled, and Energy Consumption; and the TRB/Institute of Medicine Study Committee on Physical Activity, Health, Transportation, and Land Use.

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