Yunshi Wang, Ph.D.

  • Director, China Center for Energy and Transportation


Yunshi Wang is the director of the China Center for Energy and Transportation of the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies. He is co-director of the China–U.S. ZEV Policy Lab, a landmark partnership between UC Davis and CATARC, the administrative body that oversees and regulates many activities of the auto industry in China. He worked as a research fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management, conducting research on the Chinese economy with Dean Emeritus and Professor Lester Thurow. As an energy economist, he has worked with the World Bank on China-related energy projects and energy demand projection, as well as with the Japanese government (JICA) in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He also worked as a researcher at the United Nations Development Program. He received a master’s degree in International Development (economic and social development) from the American University, and a master’s degree in English from Boston University with a top fellowship; he studied under Nobel laureate Saul Bellow and Leslie Epstein. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Maritime University in English and Shipping Law and Business.

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