Mobility Quest 2020

This year, Mobility Quest (MobQuest) will be a 4-day experience for incoming ITS-Davis students.  There are two main purposes for MobQuest: First, to introduce you to your new community of fellow incoming students, continuing students, and researchers; Second, to introduce you to a variety of transportation trends, topics, and issues that may influence your time here.

Tentative Itinerary: September 14th – September 17th

Day 1: September 14th, Monday
Morning: TBD
Afternoon: TBD

Day 2: September 15th, Tuesday
Morning: TBD
Afternoon: TBD

Day 3: September 16th, Wednesday
Morning: TBD
Afternoon: TBD

Day 4: September 17th, Thursday
Morning: TBD
Afternoon: TBD


As this year’s MobQuest will be an on-campus event, as county and state health guidelines permit. No lodging will be provided. Transportation to and from off campus events, as well as meals, will be provided during MobQuest..

Suggested Packing List

We are still organizing specific activities for this year’s MobQuest. As we will be on-campus for MobQuest this year, we do not anticipate the need to pack a separate travel bag. However, Davis in September is very hot and sunny during the day but can be cool and windy at night. We anticipate a significant amount of time will be spent outdoors. We recommend you have access to.

  • Sunscreen
  • Good walking shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Passport or US ID
  • Camera
  • Cash (for personal use)
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Hat or cap
  • Backpack or day-bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket or windbreaker for evening

Questions? Contact us!

Peter Benoliel

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