2004 Outstanding Dissertation – Sangho Choo

Sangho Choo’s award-winning dissertation is “Aggregate Relationships between Telecommunications and Travel: Structural Equation Modeling of Time Series Data.”

Choo’s dissertation addresses a simple but vital question in modern transportation planning and systems analysis: how is the spread of information and communication technologies (ICT) affecting travel? Professor Patricia Mokhtarian, his advisor, says that in addressing this question, Choo’s approach involves the most sophisticated methodology used to-date.

“Dr. Choo’s findings constitute definitive evidence that the net relationship between travel and ICT is complementary — that more communication leads to more travel, but that more travel also generates more communication,” Mokhtarian explains.

Choo’s results also provide solid support for previous work showing that the provision of new transportation infrastructure capacity does induce some new travel.

For the complete publication, view here


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