2007 Outstanding Dissertation – Jonathan Weinert

Jonathan’s dissertation studied the dynamics of markets for electric two wheeled (E2W) vehicles in China. Electric two-wheelers in China are the most successful example of electric vehicle market penetration in the world.  Yet, the reasons for their success were largely unknown.

Jonathan’s dissertation tackled this complex problem, using a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the rapid growth of markets for E2Ws, consumer behavior with the regard to E2Ws, the technology of E2Ws, and the policy landscape that encouraged their adoption.  He also looked at the implications for future widespread use of clean, electric cars in China. This is a policy question of great interest, as China’s personal transportation sector is growing at a rapid rate.  To carry out this research Jonathan went to China for about 2 years, learned the Chinese language, traveled to several Chinese cities and collaborated extensively with Chinese scholars.

For the complete publication, view here

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