2012 Outstanding Dissertation – Kristin Lovejoy

The Outstanding Dissertation Award committee has selected Kristin Lovejoy’s dissertation, entitled Mobility fulfillment among low-car households: Implications for reducing auto dependence in the United States, as the recipient of the 2012-2013 award.  The selection committee emphasized the novelty, thoroughness, and clarity of Dr. Lovejoy’s dissertation as cause for their selection. In particular, her application of quantitative and qualitative data to understand how transportation choices are being fulfilled, or not, in low-car households is particularly creative, and addresses a gap in current research.  In addition, she develops benchmarks for mobility that permit new understanding of whether or not mobility demands are met in low-car households and for particular subpopulations and communities where being car-less is more of a problem. The conclusion of the dissertation does an excellent job of outlining the policy implications of the research.  Finally, the clarity of writing, thoroughness of analysis, and weaving together of chapters and concepts leads to a book-like dissertation that is a pleasure to read.

For the complete publication, view here

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