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Musk just slashed Tesla’s Supercharger team. What does that mean for America’s EV network?

“In the end it’s probably a plus because it’s not in the public interest to have one company be so dominant,” Daniel Sperling, founding director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California Davis, told CNN.

Jennifer Pierre wants more water

Dan Sperling, a former CARB member and director of UC Davis’ Institute of Transportation Studies, said that it’s hard to know exactly what the climate impacts of AVs would be because the freight system is not well understood from a research or policy perspective.

California EV sales kick off strong this year despite recent slump, Tesla fatigue
The Sacramento Bee

After a spate of headlines in recent months that the market is slowing down, director of the UC Davis EV Research Center Gil Tal said the new sales figures are more likely a sign of market maturity.

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