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Experts at Only Pro/Con Teach-in on I-80 widening
Davis Vanguard

The hybrid meeting will include a background by project advocates Yolo Transportation District staff, followed by a keynote from UC Davis Professor Susan Handy, the renowned Director of the National Center for Sustainable Transportation.

Orphaned puma cubs at the Oakland Zoo point to the need for wildlife crossings
The Oakland Side

“I don’t think there would be a mountain lion population on the San Francisco Peninsula if there wasn’t a source population somewhere else because they get killed so frequently,” said Fraser Shilling, director of the Road Ecology Center.

Are robotaxis good for the climate?

“There is no state approach. There’s the DMV approach. There’s the PUC. There’s the city of San Francisco approach. So there is no coherent strategy or policy,” said Dan Sperling, a former CARB member and director of UC Davis’ Institute of Transportation Studies. “Quite frankly, it’s been disappointing.”

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